Which Shi’a sources prove Abu-Lu’lu’a’s high renown?

Which Shi’a sources prove Abu-Lu’lu’a’s high renown?

Which Shi’a sources prove Abu-Lu’lu’a’s high renown? 834 469 The Office Of His Eminence Sheikh al-Habib


Do we have reliable sources that prove Abu-Lu’lu’a was a just and trustworthy person? Can you provide details about him from the books of narrations, and what did our great scholars say about him?


In the Name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the All-Merciful.
May Allah bless Muhammad and his Family and damn their enemies.

Firstly, Abu-Lu’u’a Firouz al-Nahawandi al-Farsi (may Allah’s satisfaction be upon him) is not a narrator. Hence, there is no reason for him to be mentioned among the narrators. His brother, Abdullah Ibn Dhakwan, was a narrator, and that is there is a written biography of him. He was also regarded by the ‘Sunnis’ to be a trustworthy jurist and narrator. 

Secondly, he was promised Paradise by the Commander of the Faithful (peace and blessings be upon him) when he said to Umar (may Allah curse him):

Indeed, I shall see you in this world stabbed to death by the son of the slave of Umm Mu’ammir. You will treat him unjustly, and he shall kill you. Allah will aid him in killing you, and [for his act] he will enter Paradise, by Allah, in spite of you

 Al-Hidaya al-Kubra, by Al-Khaseebi, page 162.

It is sufficient to confirm that he is a noble and virtuous person because the prayer of the Mistress of all Women, Fatima al-Zahra (peace be upon her), was answered at the blessed hands of Abu-Lu’lu’a. After finding no way to prevent her from reclaiming her right, Umar ripped apart the document written by Abu Bakr that proved her ownership of Fadak. She (peace be upon her) said to Umar (may Allah’s curse be upon him):

May Allah rip your stomach just as you ripped my document
Sharh’ Nahjul-Balagha, by Ibn Abil-Hadeed, volume 16, page 234, and A’lam-ul-Nisa’, by Omar Ridha Kehala, volume 4, page 124.

Allah answered her prayer, and it was the courageous believer Abi-Lu’lu’a (may Allah’s satisfaction be upon him) who ripped Umar’s stomach. He stabbed the despicable Umar (may Allah’s curse be upon him) in the stomach and sent him straight to Hell to receive his just reward. 

Moreover, nothing confirms his nobility and high renown more than the fact that our scholars regularly visit his shrine in Kashan. It was common practice for the scholars, and their students, to visit his shrine during Eid Farhat al-Zahra (i.e., the day Umar was killed) on the 9th of Rabi’ul-Awwal each year. They performed their obligatory thanksgiving to this brave man who brought happiness to the heart of Allah’s Messenger and his pure family (Allah’s blessings be upon them) when he ended their worst enemy.
Some of our scholars are even buried beside him so that Allah (Exalted is He) and Al-Zahra (peace be upon her) include them in any mercy Abu-Lu’lu’a receives.

The Office of Sheikh al-Habib

The Office Of His Eminence Sheikh al-Habib