The Lady of Heaven

The Lady of Heaven

The Lady of Heaven 1046 590 The Office Of His Eminence Sheikh al-Habib

Enlightened Kingdom production has announced its first cinema release – ‘The Lady of Heaven’. A historical drama on the heart-wrenching journey of Lady Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad.

The feature film is the first of its kind in the history of cinema, with its unique and historically accurate narrative and leading visual effects. It bolsters a budget of 15 million dollars and a forecast for attracting large box office turnouts.

Separated by 1400 years from Prophet Muhammad and Lady Fatima, a child, amid ISIS occupated and war-torn Iraq, learns of the power of patience. After losing his mother, the child finds himself in a new home, where a loving grandmother narrates the story of Lady Fatima and how her suffering as the first victim of terrorism spun out of control into the 21st century.

Per Islamic tradition, no actor or individual represented any Holy Personality in the film. Using the latest and greatest in cinema technology, the performances of the Holy Personalities were achieved through a unique synthesis of actors, in-camera effects, lighting and visual effects.

This film conveys a message of love and peace. It is a call to a better mindset when dealing with challenges. I am certain that should humanity follow in the steps of The Lady; peace, justice, and equality will prevail and triumph. I pray for this to happen.



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