What is the proof that Abū-Lulu reached Iran and was buried there?

What is the proof that Abū-Lulu reached Iran and was buried there?

What is the proof that Abū-Lulu reached Iran and was buried there? 834 469 The Office Of His Eminence Sheikh al-Habib


When an issue is historical, it can take a long time to answer, but unfortunately, instead of replying to Wahhabis and Nawasib, it has become incumbent upon us to reply to those Nawasib who are clothing themselves with Shi’ism. 

Is there a proof that Abu Lulu (May Allah be pleased with him) is dwelling in paradise, and is there proof of his death occurring in Iran?


In the Name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the All-Merciful.
May Allah bless Muhammad and his Family and damn their enemies.

Yes, surely proofs have been established for us regarding him surviving the persecution of the Umayyads and reaching Kashan by the miraculous granting by the Commander of the Believers, where he lived there until he died and was buried there. And his visitation is well known and famous amongst Shias from those in the past and present. This fame is living proof by itself. 

As for the historical evidence, from among them is what has been narrated by Al-Marandī in his Al-Majma’ for the statements about the killing of Umar by Abu Lulu: 

Then the Commander of the Believers gave him a book and said to him: ‘Take this and exit the city and read the opening of the book seven times and go to where you desire and reach there.’ So Abu Lulu did what the Commander of the Believers ordered him and he reached a place called Kashan.
(Majma’ Al-Nuraīn by Al-Marandī, p.222). 

And from these reports is what has been narrated by ‘Amād al-Dīn Al-Tabarī in his Al-Kāmil:

And he (Abu Lulu) fled and went to the house of Ali and the Imam was sitting on a bench in his house, then he (the Imam) got up and sat on another bench. The people then came and were pursuing him (Abu Lulu) so Ali swore that ‘None came past me since I have been here.’ Then later, he made Abu Lulu mount his horse and said: ‘Descend to the place that this horse takes you to.’

And these two narrations and those like them have supported some of the reports of the old and classical scholars that Abu Lulu was able to escape immediately after killing Umar just like what has narrated by Ibn A’atham al-Kūfī in Al-Futūh:

Abu Lulu stabbed Umar three times; two of them were in his navel and a wound above his navel. Then he split the rows and exited fleeing. 
Al-Futūh by Ibn A’atham al-Kūfī, V2,  p.88. 

Just like it is supported by the silence of the narrations of the ‘Sunnis’ regarding what happened to Abu Lulu after (killing Umar). Their lying narrations that he committed suicide or that they killed him, do not mention what happened to him after. Such as how the prayer upon his corpse took place, and where was he buried, and what strengthens what our side has narrated, is when it is attached to their confusion how Abu Lulu died in Medina, which is enough to negate what they have narrated and verify what we have narrated. 

Therefore some of their narrations have stated: 

  • That he committed suicide
  • Have said Ubaidullah bin Umar killed him
  • That Abdullah bin ‘Auf killed him
  • And fourthly, that a man from Banī Tamīm killed him.

And other statements that cast doubt on the credibility of their reports.

In conclusion, we can say that Abu Lulu arrived in Persia and was buried in Kashan, in which it is not possible to doubt. 

The Office of Sheikh al-Habib

The Office Of His Eminence Sheikh al-Habib