Questions about Wilayat-ul-Faqih and Nasrullah

Questions about Wilayat-ul-Faqih and Nasrullah

Questions about Wilayat-ul-Faqih and Nasrullah 834 469 The Office Of His Eminence Sheikh al-Habib


Wilayat al-Faqih has recorded in it a pro-Iranian book under the section of Doctrine, not as principles of faith. The book itself is not being taught to Shia children in Lebanon or even in private lessons.

The second issue, I have heard the Sheikh talk about a dancer who sang performed music under the patronage or backing of Hezbollah, or under the discreet approval of its leadership, during days that meant to observe the martyrdom of our Imams (peace be upon them). I assure you that Hassan Nasrullah has nothing to do with it.

Someone in Lebanon can organise a party, bring dancers and mention the death of Aisha. Does it mean that Sheikh Al Habib is responsible? Perhaps it could be that those who organised the annual celebrations for resistance and liberation decided to bring a dancer and singer and that the leadership is innocent from it?


In the Name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the All-Merciful.
May Allah bless Muhammad and his Family and damn their enemies.

When you state that Wilayat al-Faqih is mentioned under the section of religious code beliefs, and not in terms of fundamentals of faith, you are confirming that Wilayat al-Faqih is a fundamental standard.

Code beliefs are the practical sides of the fundamentals of the faith. If any person would believe that a certain matter is attested by definite proof, then that person has to believe in that certain matter, which in turn will become a conviction, principle or a standard of that person’s collection of beliefs. When one declares openly his belief in a certain concept as a fundamental of the faith, one is being vocally transmitting his religious code beliefs.

In other words, a fundamental faith is a theory that exists in one’s heart and mind, and the practical side of it is one’s doctrine or religious code belief.

There is published a pro-Iranian book that places the concept of Wilayat al-Faqih with the Five Fundamentals of Faith, in the same section. It refers to Wilayat al-Faqih as the Fourth Principle. It is placed before the Fundamental of Spiritual Return. According to this obvious association and clear-cut arrangement of the fundamentals of faith, none can doubt that Wilayat al-Faqih has become an additional fundamental of faith to these people.

Hassan Nasrallah recorded before Allah Almighty, before people at large and for history that he has a firm position in defence of his beloved mistress, Aisha. He openly attacked Sheikh al-Habib during a public sermon. So why can you accept that Hassan Nasrallah did what he did in the open? Whereas, you cannot tolerate what Sheikh al-Habib did? He also said what he said about the enemy of Allah in the open

Sheikh al-Habib wanted History to record for him an advanced position in the support of the cause of Ahlul-Bayt (peace be upon them). Hassan Nasrullah wanted history to record for him a fiery, ear-splitting, forceful, yet vulgar position in support of Allah’s enemy, Aisha (may Allah’s wrath be upon her). We had to put a point across, ridicule and hold in contempt what his party’s music band did in the open. The leader has numerous supporters and fans who could be affected by what his party produces. If he was not happy with the music performance or even the idea of having a music band, he would issue a statement that condemns such acts. This is not an easy matter, the matter of violating the sanctity of Ahlul-Bayt (peace be upon them all). He should have given a fiery speech in that instance similar in strength and passion to the one he gave in support and defence of his mother Aisha.

Is not the family of the Prophet worth to have the ultimate rage in their support and favour? There is no political leverage or interest for him in doing so. He would not get fired up for the Prophet and his pure family (peace be upon them all). Hassan Nasrallah will get all his guns blazing, however, to please his ‘Sunni’ political Lebanese allies and Nasibi Allies like Hamas. He looks after his mucky political interests very well indeed. He does not ponder about if he was compelled to do it. None have seen a sword placed on his neck live on-air that forced him to say those words of disbelief in defending Aisha.

He aimed to please and rejoice, people, even if that meant that by doing, so he will displease Allah Almighty. The motive should have been, and should always be, the other way around: To please Allah Almighty, even if that meant the irritation or fury of people. This is the true Pathway of all Prophets and their Successors (peace be upon them all). I have given him plenty of the benefit of the doubt, to be honest! 

When you do a little research, you will discover an opera, a dramatic work where music is the dominant part of a musical performance with actors and singers broadcasted on Al-Manar TV. None can suspect to whom Al-Manar TV belongs. It is the mouthpiece of Hezbollah in Lebanon. In that opera, you will discover one of Lebanon’s female indecent singers known for her sexual notoriety, holding high the picture frame of the so-called “Sayed of Resistance”, whilst singing in full praise for him. This was blatant evil that should have compelled him to come out and shout out thunderous ear-piercing words against such acts on his official party’s media platform. Otherwise, he should have never meddled in religious matters, to begin with.

We wish he would consider retirement from religious affairs. If only he would take off his religious uniform and disrobes, his party its replica Shia costume of religious identity, we would have left him alone to do his business. When he puts a tie on and stops meddling in religious matters, we would have nothing to do with him. But when he and his Batri party commit offences in the matter of our Rafidi Beliefs, then a legitimate response will come by his way.

That man has let Imam Ali (peace be upon him) down by siding with the Imam’s enemy, Aisha. He was openly furious for her sake. Pay attention to the coming position of Imam Ali )peace be upon him) towards people who neither joined Aisha nor supported him in the Battle of Jamal. They kept themselves on the fence. See what and how the Commander of Faithful peace be upon him speaks to those who neither supported him nor Aisha, and just contemplate afterwards how he would have addressed those who sided with Aisha these days. How would Imam Ali )peace be upon him) have addressed those like Nasrallah who showed aggression on the ones like us who came down hard on Aisha?

Abu Barada Aouf Al Azdi was one of the people who stayed behind in Kufa and remained on the fence. When Imam Ali (peace be upon him) returned to Kufa, he scolded those who stayed behind. He addressed them saying

The men who refused to support me are to receive my public naming and shaming. The rest of you who supported me should shun and avoid those who let me down. Let those who stayed behind, listen to words from the rest of you that they find objectionable until they come back to their senses and repent.

Only by then, the men of the Party of Allah can be recognized among the dissimilar parties.

Therefore, Sheikh al-Habib applies to that man and his likes the commandment of Imam Ali (peace be upon him). He made them listen to what they find objectionable. He made them intensely dislike his words.

The Office of Sheikh al-Habib

The Office Of His Eminence Sheikh al-Habib